Must-Buy Souvenirs from Amsterdam

A cheesy t-shirt or a snow globe with flowers is what we call settling for what’s right in front of you. There is so much more to Amsterdam than tulips, weed, and red lights. There are plenty of readily available items that capture the delightful culture and history. 


To help you out in the souvenir search, we’ve put up a list of 4 distinctly Dutch souvenirs that speak out loud about the novel charm succinctly of Amsterdam. 


  1. Delfts Blauw

Delft Blue pottery is one of the most unique Dutch specialties. However, you’ve got to be careful as 99% of what you find on the streets are made in China imitations. For authentic stuff, you got to dig a bit deeper into your wallet and believe me, it’s worth every penny. Get yourself to antique shops in Nieuwe Spiegelstraat if you’re an antique fanatic. If not, you can find modern pieces at Blauw Bloesem or Heinen Delfts Blauw. Got to say I won’t mind some of those stunning pieces inspired by old pottery and crockery. 


  1. Art

The whole purpose of art is to evoke thoughts, questions, or even to mull over various interpretations. And we can’t ignore that it’s eye-catching and stunning. It’s always interactive.

Moco Museum has a gift shop that will give you an endless choice of art. There is definitely something for everyone both the old classics and modern art lovers are catered for. Also, you can take a walk through museum Amsterdam to look for something that will catch your eye. Local markets like the Sunday market can also have fine art pieces to grace your walls. 


  1. Map of the canals

Amsterdam city center is built on a multi-tiered canal belt that circles Dam Square. It was constructed during a time of economic prosperity in the 17th century. The canal map is such a beautiful piece of art that you can proudly give to friends and family abroad. You can get in bookshops or tourist established stores. 


  1. Bicycle gifts

If you know any cycling enthusiast, you can never go wrong with a Dutch cycling gift. For residents in countries as wet as the Netherlands, seat covers are a great choice. A shiny new bell will also work for those in crowded cities. Plus you can do a lot worse than heading to Dutch institution HEMA branches around the city to get some affordable souvenir collections.